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About Us

At Browns Mobile Detailing, we are car experts. Not all cars have the same interiors, paintwork, materials or shapes. Like you, your car is an individual, so it needs an individual approach. We use a range of products that have been carefully sourced, with a focus on being effective, while safe for use and environmentally friendly.

Make no mistake: it’s gets hot in South Carolina, and this increases the importance of care and the use of quality products in the auto detailing industry. We have the knowledge and the expertise to ensure that your car is priority, first and foremost.

As well as standard car washing, we also offer:

  • Claying, waxing and sealing
  • Wheel and rim cleaning and dressing
  • Glass cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning and leather conditioning
  • DA polishing
  • Pressure washing – residential/commercial

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